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Why Student Works Disposal Is Different From Mundane Trash Removal Services

Student Works Disposal Is Different From Other Trash Removal Services

While there are numerous trash removal service providers in Vancouver, there are only a few that can be trusted with your property and waste removal project. Student Works Disposal is one such company that can truly be your trash removal partner. Here are some major reasons why:

1.      Supports Hardworking Students in Vancouver

Many residents of Vancouver feel that they’re doing a great service to society by proving students with part-time employment opportunities. Student Works Disposal, as the name suggests, is formed by two students who employ their peers. These students are not only hardworking and efficient, but also work at very competitive rates. This means that Student Works Disposal provides you with the most affordable quotes for your trash removal, Vancouver.

Cost of Junk Removal Vancouver

2.       Disposing All Kinds of Junk

Student Works caters to both, homeowners and commercial businesses. As a result, we can conduct trash removal of a variety of junk items, ranging from furniture hauling, carpet and insulation removal to commercial waste, such as wood, old electronics, old tires, construction waste and others. Student Works Disposal collects all the junk that your city waste management may not accept, such as refrigerators, old computer equipment, mattresses, TV sets and other appliances.

3.       Provides Eco-Friendly Trash Removal, Vancouver

Did you know that common household products, like Styrofoam and plastics, are some of the biggest contributors to pollution, resource wastage and overflowing landfill sites? Student Works Disposal is a staunch believer in recycling and reusing, thus making sure that any reusable part of your junk is reused so that the environment can be saved. Student Works Disposal also gives your appliances, furniture and other items that may be useless to you to charities.

4.       Also Serves As Vancouver Movers

Student Works Disposal also serves as professional movers who can haul, load and clean while you are moving to a new location. They take care of all of your valuables and handle fragile items meticulously.

Book Your Junk Removal, Vancouver

Student Works Disposal operates throughout the lower mainland in the Vancouver BC area. To find out how we can help you remove your junk, call us today at 778-288-8009!

Whether you are moving your office to a new place or your family has decided to get a new home, Student Works Disposal is only a phone call away. Get your no-obligation quote and get started on your moving project today!

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Great Tips for Trash Removal on a Budget

Cheap Vancouver Trash Removal Ideas

Trash removal is an unwanted part of life. Whether it is spring cleaning or a major home shift, there’s always tones of junk that needs to be disposed of properly. If the hassle wasn’t bad enough Trash removal trash removal in Vancouver also costs a lot of money. You need to get all the heavy junk hauled out, stacked on trucks and moved to disposal sites. Moreover, you also need to pay contractor companies and any other helpers that you hire. For most people, this unavoidable event becomes very unaffordable too. Luckily, here are some great tips to help you do trash removal on a budget:

1. Get a Cheap Contractor to Do Your Vancouver Trash Removal

An inexpensive contractor company can take care of all your trash removal needs. These companies have the manpower and the equipment that are needed for safe and secure trash removal from your property, which means that you don’t need any other tools or workers. Student Works Disposal, for example, is a company that supports local students by hiring them. Not only does this translate into  cheaper junk removal for you, but it also means that you are helping students avail higher education.

Student Works Disposal crew members also clean up after they are done, enabling you to save on cleaning costs as well.

2. Rent a Vancouver Dumpster Bin and DIY Trash Removal

 Rent a dumpster or bin to remove concrete, drywall, sod, soil, green waste, or construction materials,

If you feel young and energetic, may be you would like to rent a mini bin dumpster and take the DIY trash removal approach. If you do some of your own trash removal, as DIY trash removal, this activity would be a lot cheaper for you.

Student Works Disposal allows you to do your own dumpster rentals  that start at very affordable prices. We have bins of all sizes so we can accommodate all your garbage.

3. Sell Your Trash or Give it To Charity

What is now useless for you may be very handy for someone else. Instead of dumping all your trash in landfill sites, you might want to give it off to charity so that it can help someone in need. Student Works Disposal makes sure that any of your trash that can be reused ends up in the right hands. Better yet, they also help you recycle your garbage. Vancouver trash removal  was never this green.

 To learn more on how Student Works Disposal can help you save money, call Student Works Disposal today at 778-288-8009!

Trash Removal Vancouver

Student Works Disposal offers two easy junk removal options.

Are you located in the Great Vancouver area and want to get rid of some trash? You’re in luck, we can help you! If you’re like most people junk removal is not something you look forward to – who likes to clean up rubbish anyways? Well… we do! We offer junk removal services in Vancouver and surround areas. We get rid of your rubbish – quickly, efficiently, and with no fuss. We offer same day trash removal services that let you rent a disposal bin to use for larger projects or hire our rubbish removal crew to take care of all the dirty work of trash removal for you. Customer service and satisfaction are a top priority for us at Student Works Disposal. Pick your junk removal service option and give us a call today! Connect with us on Google+

Click below to choose your option.

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How To Choose Junk Removal Company Vancouver

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Student Works Disposal offers junk removal options

Here’s a fact that we can all agree on — life is super busy for just about everyone. There is always something to do, somewhere to go, someone that needs your time… it can be a real mess! Don’t think that you have to add yet another task to your to-do list.

It’s hard to think about getting anything done when you have a lot of stuff in your home that doesn’t need to be there. But who really has time to get all of the unwanted items out of their own home? It goes back to that to-do list. You already have plenty of things that have to be done every day. There has to be a better way to get extra things done without causing yourself further stress and worry.

The answer might surprise you: Student Works Disposal’s convenient junk removal services provided by real professionals. There’s no reason to feel like you have to take a whole weekend just to organize your home. If you want to finally get rid of all of those unwanted items, you are going to have to make sure that you’re taking advantage of the services of your area.

If you’re in a large city like Vancouver, you might be surprised to find a wide selection of junk removal services in Vancouver to choose from. You might not even know what separates them, or even how to contract their services. That’s what this guide is all about: setting the stage for convenient junk removal.

First and foremost, you want to make sure that they are as close to your general location as possible. You don’t want to find that you’re not going to be able to actually get the services you need without paying an extra surcharge for the distance the company has to cover in getting to you.

Another point that you want to keep in mind is that you have to be as precise as possible so they can figure out how much effort will be needed for your project. This includes having the right sized truck to haul off everything, and how many team members will be needed to give your project the attention it deserves. So when you call a junk removal service, you need to specify how many rooms you’re trying to handle at the same time. If there’s a rush job that’s needed (like for an upcoming move), you will want to make sure that you’re letting the company you ultimately select know this ahead of time. They will give you an estimate of how much to expect.

Junk removal estimates are very important, for obvious reasons — you don’t want to go over budget. There’s no need for it, especially when there are so many competitive services available. However, it really is about letting the company know what you actually need.

Of course, you might have questions along the way, especially if you’ve never contracted this type of service before. Make sure that you take care of getting your questions answered before you commit to any service. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having concerns as a buyer, but there is something wrong with a company that doesn’t deliver. Good luck!

Call Student Works Disposal for junk removal services today!

Eco Friendly Waste Disposal Tips

Waste disposal management has become an intrinsic part of every household and office in the world today. Due to the sudden spurt in the population of the world in the past fifty years, the amount of garbage and waste generated by households and offices has also increased by a number of times. Most people are now aware of the harm caused to the environment by disposal of garbage and other waste material. This has led to a rapid increase in use of eco friendly measures to dispose the waste materials. Environmental friendly waste disposal measures are being adopted by households and industries all over the world which are keen to protect the environment from further pollution. We shall be focusing on some simple guidelines to be followed while disposing the garbage in an eco friendly manner.

The most widely adopted method of waste disposal is recycling. Most home owners use recycling as a way to get rid of their waste in an environment friendly manner. It also helps in saving money as most things can be used again after recycling. The key aspect of recycling is to buy only those products which can be recycled locally such as beverages in recyclable or returnable containers. It is also important to avoid products which contain excessive packaging. Another great way to reduce the amount of waste and garbage is to pass on unwanted items to relatives or donate them to the local charity. In order to reduce toxic waste, it is highly advisable to buy items such as paint and pesticides only in the quantities required.

In case of offices and industries, an effective waste management plan should be in place at all times. It helps in cutting costs and reducing the amount of waste produced along with promotion of green jobs with the help of environment friendly recycling. Since most people working in offices tend to take their meals with them, it is important for them to use recyclable or reusable utensils which reduce the amount of garbage generated. Also food leftovers can be composted instead of adding them to the garbage stream. Since most offices often tend to discard their old equipments such as computers and fax machines, it is advisable to donate such items for reuse. Most of such items tend to emit toxins for years while lying in a dump. This is very dangerous to the environment in the long term.

Another great way to effectively manage the garbage disposal in an eco-friendly manner is to separate the garbage on the lines of bio-degradable and non bio-degradable.

Bio-degradable garbage can include food leftovers, liquid products and other organic items. On the other hand non bio-degradable items include plastic, glass, steel etc. The advantage with separating these two types of garbage is that bio-degradable items can be taken straight to the compost pits whereas the non bio-degradable items can be incinerated at the earliest opportunity. This process helps in saving time and energy and protects the environment in the long-term.

For local eco-friendly waste disposal in the Vancouver area call 778.288.8009 or contact us here.