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Eco Friendly Waste Disposal Tips

Waste disposal management has become an intrinsic part of every household and office in the world today. Due to the sudden spurt in the population of the world in the past fifty years, the amount of garbage and waste generated by households and offices has also increased by a number of times. Most people are now aware of the harm caused to the environment by disposal of garbage and other waste material. This has led to a rapid increase in use of eco friendly measures to dispose the waste materials. Environmental friendly waste disposal measures are being adopted by households and industries all over the world which are keen to protect the environment from further pollution. We shall be focusing on some simple guidelines to be followed while disposing the garbage in an eco friendly manner.

The most widely adopted method of waste disposal is recycling. Most home owners use recycling as a way to get rid of their waste in an environment friendly manner. It also helps in saving money as most things can be used again after recycling. The key aspect of recycling is to buy only those products which can be recycled locally such as beverages in recyclable or returnable containers. It is also important to avoid products which contain excessive packaging. Another great way to reduce the amount of waste and garbage is to pass on unwanted items to relatives or donate them to the local charity. In order to reduce toxic waste, it is highly advisable to buy items such as paint and pesticides only in the quantities required.

In case of offices and industries, an effective waste management plan should be in place at all times. It helps in cutting costs and reducing the amount of waste produced along with promotion of green jobs with the help of environment friendly recycling. Since most people working in offices tend to take their meals with them, it is important for them to use recyclable or reusable utensils which reduce the amount of garbage generated. Also food leftovers can be composted instead of adding them to the garbage stream. Since most offices often tend to discard their old equipments such as computers and fax machines, it is advisable to donate such items for reuse. Most of such items tend to emit toxins for years while lying in a dump. This is very dangerous to the environment in the long term.

Another great way to effectively manage the garbage disposal in an eco-friendly manner is to separate the garbage on the lines of bio-degradable and non bio-degradable.

Bio-degradable garbage can include food leftovers, liquid products and other organic items. On the other hand non bio-degradable items include plastic, glass, steel etc. The advantage with separating these two types of garbage is that bio-degradable items can be taken straight to the compost pits whereas the non bio-degradable items can be incinerated at the earliest opportunity. This process helps in saving time and energy and protects the environment in the long-term.

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Written by Johnson Phan

Johnson Phan is the owner and operator of Student Works Disposal. His blog is designed to share his knowledge of the bin rental and waste removal industry. SW Disposal and their students share a unique passion for recycling and are not afraid of getting a little dirty!

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