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About Us

Student Works Disposal and Recycling was created by two friends, Eddie W. and John P., who were both struggling students attending BCIT at the time.

With energy and ambition, they both rolled up their sleeves and readied themselves to take on any job available, even if it meant getting dirty. John and Eddy sought every opportunity that was available to them ranging from moving, to snow removal, and gradually progressing to what they created today – a business that supports and hires students wanting to make a difference. They loved the fact that they were able be active and play a key role in reducing our carbon footprint.

We all know that material that ends up in the landfill just gets buried over and sits there for thousands of years. One of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill is to recycle it. That is our mission, we want to take your waste and dispose of it in a sustainable manner. We have found that more than half of household waste can be recycled and all it takes is a little heart for the environment.

We believe that the time we spend sorting your garbage is more than worth it for the environment. The students that we work share our passion for recycling and are not afraid of getting a little dirty!