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Commercial Waste Removal Vancouver

We are at your service if you need commercial waste removal in Vancouver and the surrounding areas such as New Westminster, Burnaby, West Vancouver, Surrey, Tsawwassen, Richmond and North Vancouver.  We have the tools, the experience and the manpower to clean up even the biggest messes.

Commercial waste removal Vancouver:

You’ll always be satisfied with our quick response to our customer’s requests. Our workers are trustworthy and efficient. Our Student Works Disposal team comes to you to clean up excess materials whatever they may be. Various types of construction waste and renovation disposal is no problem for our crew.  We do concrete removal, concrete recycling, demolition waste removal,  drywall recycling, metal recycling, cardboard recycling, plastic recycling and use safe insulation disposal methods.

Vancouver construction waste removal and recycling:

We provide reliable junk removal services to construction sites around Vancouver.  Commercial building projects result in massive amounts of leftover building materials that need to be properly disposed of. Much of what is considered to be waste after a project is completed can actually be recycled and reused. We won’t just dump building materials into a junk yard, rather we do concrete recycling, wood recovery, metal recycling and more so those materials can be reused and purchased at a reduced price.

Demolition waste removal:

When a building is demolished, we do all we can to give back to our community. Whatever we can salvage from torn down buildings we recycle.  This includes scrap metal recycling, cedar roofing removal and asphalt roofing removal and recycling, wood and concrete recycling. We support wood recovery, which recycles wood and turns it into paper and other products. For example, IKEA uses recycled wood to make affordable, eco friendly furniture.

Insulation disposal:

Some older buildings contain fiber glass insulation or asbestos, which can be harmful if not handled correctly.  Our disposal crews use proper insulation disposal practices, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Road construction waste removal:

You can depend on us for same day construction waste removal. The constant road work throughout the city of Vancouver produces a considerable amount of material that needs to be removed from the construction sites.  Our large waste disposal bins are made for hauling junk like the massive quantities of soil and asphalt remaining after the project is completed.  Our team is trained to do soil recycling as well as asphalt recycling which can be reused and will help the economy and keep Vancouver green.

Office clean outs allow you to focus on settling into your new office.  Out with the old and in with the new!

Move to a new office building without the hassle of cleaning up the old office. We do office clean outs and e-waste removal to get rid of all of the leftover stuff for you. We’ll even remove old dinosaur computers and do any necessary electronic recycling for you. Don’t worry about all the boxes full of junk in the warehouse, we’ll do a thorough junk removal and turn any boxes into cardboard recycling too.  Let us to the heavy lifting and cleaning so you can focus on moving into your new space.