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Residential Junk & Trash Removal Vancouver

At Student Works Disposal, we are your residential junk and trash removal Vancouver experts! We comply with laws pertaining to junk removal in Vancouver and recycling standards set by the city, which are more strict than other areas. We take recycling seriously, and do our best not to let unnecessary waste fill our landfills.

We do the following types of residential junk removal in Vancouver:

Furniture Removal Vancouver:

Need to get rid of old furniture but don’t want to deal with getting it down the stairs and finding a vehicle large enough to haul it to a local charity or the dump? Student Works Disposal will come to your Vancouver home and dispose of it for you. We do couch removal, mattress removal, bookcase removal and whatever type of furniture removal you need!

Green Waste Vancouver Pickup and Removal:

Have large piles of leaves, grass and dirt after doing yard work or a landscaping project? Is it too much to fit in your car? Or perhaps you don’t want to get your personal vehicle dirty? We’ll do the dirty work for you. Green waste recycling, plastic recycling, cardboard recycling, large piles of dirt or sand are all things we can easily haul away.

Electronic and E-Waste Recycling Vancouver:

It is important for our health and for maintaining a clean environment that we participate in electronic recycling. We will take your old TVs, radios, VCRs and other electronic devices and try to recycle as much as possible.  Electronic recycling prevents the chemicals within electronics from producing harmful air and water pollution. Parts from old electronics can be turned into glass recycling or plastic recycling.  Other parts such as copper wiring and some precious metals can be reused for other purposes instead of adding toxicity to landfills.

Tire recycling:

We’ll take your worn out tires and recycle them. Don’t take your tires to the dump, they take up space and take an incredibly long time to break down, and when they do break down they emit harmful chemicals into the ground and the water. The rubber from used tires can be reused to make other more cost effective, environmentally friendly products.

Appliance recycling:

Refrigerator removal is no simple task without the proper tools and manpower.  Aside from the backbreaking strain and impossible maneuvering it takes to move large appliances; improper appliance disposal can also harm the environment.  When broken down and thrown into a landfill, old appliances like washers, dryers, ovens and stoves, release harmful chemicals into the air. To prevent this type of damage from being done it is important to take the proper steps to handle your appliance removal responsibly.

Metal recycling:

Have old car parts or scrap metal lying around in your garage? We do aluminum recycling, steel recycling and scrap metal recycling. Some appliances are made from various metals and those parts can be recycled as well. Instead of tossing metal pieces into the waste bin, call us and we’ll make sure it gets taken care of properly and turned into metal recycling products.

Battery recycling:

Once batteries have run out of energy it is best not to throw them away with other waste or rubbish. Battery recycling prevents the toxic metals contained in batteries from potentially contaminating the soil and contributing to pollution in the water supply. The good news is that you can recycle most types of batteries. If you are not sure what to do with old batteries, we will take care of your battery recycling for you.

Fluorescent light bulb disposal:

Knowing what to do with fluorescent light bulbs once they burn out can be confusing.  It is important to know that if broken, the contents of fluorescent light bulbs are considered hazardous. For this reason it is imperative that you do not throw away fluorescent light bulbs with regular rubbish. We are proud to participate in fluorescent light bulb recycling practices.